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The market for bulletproof vests and another ballistic protection equipment has never been hotter. Constant improvement in the product combined with growing demand from the military, law enforcement, and private sector mean that more people than ever want body armor.

There are also more first-time buyers than any point in history, and they need to know the process for evaluating, buying and fitting bullet proof vests. Most importantly, it’s important that they know the best place to buy their bulletproof vests.


  • The novice buyer can find extensive information about selecting and purchasing a bulletproof vest online.
  • The top online retailers also work to educate and assist the first-time buyer
  • Buying online from a respected ballistic protection dealer is often the best way to purchase body armor
  • Civilians can order online in 49 of the 50 US states

For most people, the best way to learn about and purchase bulletproof vests is to use the many resources available online. There’s an abundance of great information just a mouse click away along with a number of well run and professional ballistic protection equipment retailers.

The ‘best of the breed’ among body armour retailers know that first-time buyers become repeat buyers if they receive good treatment. For that reason, they provide extensive information explaining how to buy and fit a bulletproof vest with a focus on the novice buyer. They also guide new customers through the entire process to make sure they get the equipment they need and the service they want.

So you’ve found a bulletproof vest retailer online, and they’ve taught you everything you need to know. You’re ready to buy your first vest, and that obviates this simple question: ‘Should I buy on the site?’ Assuming you’ve chosen a good body armor retailer, the answer is an emphatic ‘yes’.

If you’re legally able to own a bullet proof vest under Federal law (over 18 with no felony convictions), you can order online in every state except Connecticut. Police officers or military personnel can order online in every state. Some online retail outlets may require additional background information in compliance with their corporate policies.


  • Most firearms stores also sell bulletproof vests
  • There are significant advantages to buying online
  • BulletProofME.com is considered a top-ranked place to buy body armor online due to their industry best customer service

BulletProofME.com is the right choice for first-time buyers as well as experienced body armor users. Most firearms stores and gun dealers also sell body armor and other ballistic protection gear. Before the Internet era, these stores were the primary source for bulletproof vests and related equipment.

Now the majority of bulletproof vests are purchased online. Internet ordering is most convenient way to acquire body armor, but that’s not the only advantage. Online bulletproof vest retailers are specialists. Their only business is ballistic protection gear, and their superior knowledge and experience reflects this. Gun dealers may know firearms but for them bulletproof vests are a ‘sideline’.

You can buy a vest at a firearms store but finding anyone with anything more than superficial knowledge of body armor can be difficult. That’s bad news for a novice buyer–there’s a good chance that they’ll have to ‘fend for themselves’ in evaluating products. Worst case scenario, they may get inaccurate information, and that has the potential to be extremely dangerous.

BulletProofme.com Review

There’s no shortage of online retailers that can sell you ballistic protection equipment. Fortunately, most try their level best to do a good job serving their customers and selling quality products at reasonable prices. One retailer that stands out due to superior customer service is BulletProofME.com.

So now you want to know ‘BulletProofME.com review is this site a scam?’ They’re the exact opposite–a company you’ll hear recommended over and over by ballistic protection professionals, police officers, and military veterans. They’re the choice of experienced body armor users, but they’re also a brand that novices can trust. In fact, the best sellers on the site are the lightweight ‘general use’ soft body armor that is often the perfect choice for a first-time buyer.

If you’re a newcomer to bulletproof vests and similar ballistic protection gear, it’s important that you get a solid foundation of knowledge and information. You need a retailer that understands what you need to know when selecting and buying your first set of body armour and who will walk you through the process step by step. That’s why your best bet online is BulletProofME.com. No matter your needs or experience level they’ll quickly become your ‘go to’ source for bulletproof vests.

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